About us

Who we are

Trillion Looks Store is an African art and Fashion Social enterprise with a mission to improve lives and communities of marginalized artisans in Uganda through helping them mass produce, market and sell their products to a global market place. Our focus is majorly Women and Youth producers.  

Uganda is the second country in the world with the greatest population consisting of Youth yet Youth unemployment accounts for 2.5% of the total youth population. A number of youths who fail to secure employment have resorted to creative arts including fashion design and crafts making. However, these encounter challenges such as limited resources to produce in bulk, lack skills in branding, product design and market development to aid reaching the market and improve business sustainability and profitability.

Also, a number of women in the rural areas for many decades survive on making art and crafts. Through this activity, they are able to provide for their families, pay school fees for their children and also improve their standards of living.

Furthermore, they also meet a number of challenges especially finding customers for their products. Trillion Looks store therefore, comes in to bridge the gap between the buyer and producers. We have established a platform to help producers produce quality and standardized products for the global market place.

We provide production resources, such as material to be used in production, train the groups of producers who join our network, pay fair wages for the work they do and ensure that the work environment is safe and clean.

We establish long work relationships with these producers based on mutual understanding, dialogue, respect and transparency.

All products produced are available in hundreds and we supervise the production process to ensure quality is produced for the global market place.

We implement fair trade practices because we believe through fair trade, we shall be able to eradicate poverty and offer descent employment to the youth and women in the art and fashion industry.