Trillion looks Store Partners with Flexipay

Today, Trillion looks store is pleased to announce that it has added a new, flexible, convenient, secure, and quick payment option using FLEXIPAY. Through Flexipay, clients can pay for products by dialing *291# and following the prompts.

This method is very quick and has no transfer fees for clients who register with FLEXIPAY.  Currently, Uganda is facing very hard economic times, so losing small monies in withdrawal charges, and transfer fees is very costly both to individuals and small and medium enterprises.

As a business supporting youth and women artisans, we know how much each penny means to these artisans and we don’t want to lose any coin in the process of buying products, paying for materials, or sending money that’s why we Happily registered for Flexipay.

FlexiPay is an all-in-all digital solution to make money transactions conveniently, securely, and instantly. Trillion Looks Store acquired a FlexiPay Merchant Code 241541 which any customer can use to pay. 

How to Pay for Afri Art and Fashion Tickets using Flexi pay

Dial *291#

Select option 3 Pay Merchant

Insert Merchant Code 241541

Include reason: Ticket

Insert your pin Number. 

A message from Stanbic Bank and your Mobile money will be sent to you to confirm payment. 

Can I use Flexipay to make a payment  if I am not registered on Flexi Pay

Yes, you can, follow the instructions above?  Your mobile service provider will deduct a transaction fee but it’s very minimal compared to mobile money services 

How can I transfer money from my Flexi pay to the Trillion Looks Store?

Dial *291# 

Flexi pay will ask for your pin number, Input it and continue

Select Wallet to another account and put our registered number 0788340615 

Put your pin and complete the payment. 

Does Trillionlooks get to know when I make payment? 

Yes, Even without your sharing your message, we receive a notification from our side confirming your Flexipay payment. We shall reach out to you with delivery options 

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Trillion Looks

Latest stock

  • Kitenge Handbag

    Handcrafted by artisans in Waka Creatives from high-quality Kitenge fabrics, our Kitenge Dumpling Bag boasts a trendy style with outstanding quality. This bag makes a great handbag or project bag

  • Kitenge handbag

    Handcrafted by artisans in Waka Creatives from high-quality kitenge fabrics, our Kitenge Dumpling Bag boasts a trendy style with outstanding quality. This bag makes a great handbag or project bag

  • Ndiiro

    Endiro Baskets embody the distinct essence of our Ankole culture, rooted in the western part of Uganda. Crafted through intricate handweaving, these baskets utilize naturally sourced sweet grass, imbued with organic dyes that enhance their ornamental qualities. Historically, these baskets have held a significant role as cherished offerings presented to brides during traditional Ankole weddings. Their primary function lies in serving Karo (millet bread), a cornerstone of our renowned culinary heritage. Beyond this, Endiro baskets have evolved to encompass diverse roles, serving as both embellishments within living and workspace environments, as well as receptacles for safeguarding treasures such as earrings and other valuables.

  • Nubian tabaga3

    The Nubian Tabaga have their origins as handcrafted items, meticulously fashioned using conventional techniques and materials. They are delicately assembled using youthful papyrus straw, jafu, and disi sourced from the North and Central regions. The final Tabaga products have versatile applications, serving as elegant vessels for presenting fruits or storing vegetables. Beyond their practical use, they hold cultural significance, gracing events such as traditional weddings where they cradle gifts meant for the brides. Furthermore, these Tabaga pieces find purpose in adornment or as charming placements upon tables.

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