For the perfect quality and fit, opt for Women’s Kitenge wear handcrafted by our tailors in Uganda, our range of ethical clothing is designed to last. There’s a piece and print to suit every style, season, and occasion from home working to festivals to holidays in the sun.

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    This multi-colored Crochet Throw on is super comfy and keeps you very warm. Made of the highest quality cotton, and acrylic blend yarn. Available in different colors and sizes. Very stylish and fashionable, amazing retro touch. Ideal for every season, the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

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    Add more comfort and warmth to your chilly evenings by dressing up  in this striped short crotchet sweater. It has buttons to allow you to be more stylish and adorable.

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    This Wow-looking crotchet sweater has been exalted in its beauty and style with the bright colors involved it’s an ideal gift for yourself, a friend, your aunt, or any other lady. You could also order it in different colors and sizes.

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    This white and brown striped crochet sweater is so stylish and gorgeous. All the fashion-loving women can wear this sweater while being around their homes, going to the market or when going to park visits with a couple of friends.

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    This kitenge jumpsuit features a distinct classic, feminine style that ought to be part of your mainstay in your weekday wardrobe. Whatever weather the season brings, be prepared with this stylish choice.

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    Crochet ponchos are the best alternatives to jackets when you need to gain an instantly stylish look. This green crotchety poncho would just be best to wear over your casual and special dress-up for bigger fashion statements of your personality.

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    Did you know that kikoyi is considered an official Ugandan attire? If you don’t own a Kikoyi in your home then you miss out on having a Ugandan.  In our Kikoyi collection, we have added this kikoyi lesu woven in Uganda . It comes in different colors

  • Casual Kitenge dress

    This dress is a contemporary version of the classic maternity dress  It is convenient for summer, a romantic lunch or dinner. It is a perfect gift for a stylish mother and can be worn by young women who want to pull off a mature and classy look.

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    Did you know that kikoyi is considered an official Ugandan attire? If you don’t own a Kikoyi in your home then you miss out on having a Ugandan.  In our Kikoyi collection, we have added this dress design which you can wear to any party or even a cultural event 

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    This dress is made of high kitenge, fully lined with side slits with a cute bowtie making you look young and sleek. It has a blind zipper for the enclosure.

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    These quarter pants are perfect for the summer and any outdoor event. You can dress down with a vest or T-shirt Shorts have two side pockets. They have an elastic waist to fit and adjust to the waist. Available in different sizes. Proudly made in Uganda

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    Discover our Kitenge skirts from the Trillion Looks collection. Wearing it With heels, it will be perfect in the evening. With low shoes, it will be perfect for your walks. Adopt the skirts for a relaxed, chic and comfortable look. Available in all sizes

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    This is a trending Kitenge Ankara Off Shoulder fashion Design. It is elegant and shows off your neckline so well.  


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    This is an Elegant evening Dress that fully shows your body line. It’s Never Out of Fashion and Suitable for Outdoor, Weddings, Prom, Evening wear, and for Special Occasions.

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    This is one of our latest kitenge dress designs, simple and generous with fringes.  

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    Be stylish and add this Kikooyi Headwrap to your Afrocentric fashion.   Proudly made in Uganda