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Waka Creatives Group

Welcome to the Waka Creatives group!

The group seeks to recruit 100 young people and women in the fashion and art industry who are looking for an opportunity to market and sell their craft to a global marketplace.

‘Waka creatives’ comes from a Luganda word Ewaka meaning ‘ At home’. Very many creatives face challenges including limited finance to enable them to rent workspace. This in turn makes them work from Home, however, there are other challenges that come up due to working from home.

Creatives are challenged by the limited access to market for their products because of working from home. The limited capital also does not favor them in acquiring raw materials for production and oftentimes encounters hurdles in accessing funding to grow their businesses.

Why Waka Creatives Group

Waka creatives group is a flagship platform by Trillion looks store. it’s the business’s initiative to promote African art and fashion products made in Uganda to the globe. The group is run by a committee formed by the creative members of the group and supported by Trillion Looks Store.

The objectives of the group include offering;

  • Access to finance
  • Access to a global marketplace
  • Employing creatives in descent work
  • Offering business training and capacity building
  • Branding and Profiling creatives to a global marketplace 

How to Become a Member

To become a member of this group, you must be creative in one of the following categories.


Basketry and weaving are some of the economic activities that women in rural areas involve in to be able to provide for their families, acquire basic needs, pay school fees for their children. The waka Creatives group welcomes women and youth weavers to join this group for better collaboration.

Crafts Shoes Making. 

Youth groups of both males and female shoemakers are welcome to join this group of creative.  Whether skilled, with or without tools, this group will connect you to individuals you can collaborate with to improve your craft and win a global market position for your craft.


At Trillion looks store, we carry a mandate to celebrate African culture, artisans, and African fashion by creating ready-to-wear African print clothing with a bold and unique style and colors that appeal to the eye. We welcome tailors, seamstresses, designers to join this platform. This will enable us to produce high-quality standard clothing for a global marketplace.

The Kitenge fashion products made  include shirts, dresses, shorts, kimonos trousers, suits, and home décor accessories( Cushion covers and curtains) among many Ankara fashion products

  • All members must pay an annual subscription fee to the group.
  • All members must attend group meetings and where they are not able to, the group leaders must be informed
  • All members must be Ugandan nationals
  • All members must implement fair trade principles and practices
  • All members must attend training sessions organized by the group
  • All members must fill the application form with their national ID or passport details.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to finance
  • Access to the global marketplace of your products
  • Recommendation letters for travel and funding
  • Personal profiling of members by  Trillion looks Store
  • Capacity building.
  • Field visits to your workplace by the team and Trillion looks store
  • Enjoy all fair trade benefits

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development, aiming at creating greater equity in the international trading system. Through trading partnerships with marginalized farmers and craftspeople in developing countries, social and economic opportunities are created for these producers in a way that more customers are accessible to their products and a better deal is issued.

To join this group; Contact us.