How to identify quality kitenge fabric

There are numerous kitenge fabrics in the market which makes buyers question their quality and how they can tell the best kitenge fabric or clothing to buy. Kitenge is the most worn fabric on the African continent and many tourists buy the fabric as a souvenir, to remember that they visited Africa. 

Kitenge originated from Indonesia but has for years been embraced and produced in the Netherlands. It was commonly known as dutch wax prints however it gained popularity in Africa. Currently, there are very many factories in Asia that produce Kitenge fabric pushing many African producers out of the market. 

From the vast kitenge collections in the fabric markets in Africa, you will find a number of kitenge grades, some with poor quality and others with very high quality. The question is, How do you identify high-quality kitenge fabric from the poor grades in the market? 

 Kitenge fabrics are made of 100 % cotton threads and have colorful inspired wax designs in them. To determine the quality of your kitenge Fabric, there are many things to put into consideration, and below are the rundowns to help you identify the quality of the kitenge fabric for your clothing. 

Kitenge Texture 

High-quality kitenge fabric is made of 100% cotton and this makes it soft, strong, and resilient. The cotton in these fabrics makes it very comfortable for all skin types. However, there are a number of kitenge fabrics that are not 100% cotton because of the different producers.  For example, a number of producers in Asia use poor quality cotton and therefore make very soft and substandard kitenge fabrics. 

Kitenge Resistance Test

The resistance test is the ability of the kitenge fabric to withstand manual scratch A high-quality kitenge fabric will not be torn during an abrasive movement. You can test this white you touch the fabric before you purchase it, however, if you already own it and discover that your kitenge is very weak, you need to mark the brand name and be cautious when buying the fabric on your next buy. 

Kitenge Fabric  Price Tag.

The price should be the first red flag for you while purchasing kitenge fabrics. Cheap kitenge fabrics always have quality compromised so when you are buying your kitenge fabric, it’s important for you to ask questions regarding different kinds of kitenge. Here you will be able to compare different kitenge qualities based on price and texture. 

Check the stickers on your Kitenge Fabric

All kitenge fabrics have stickers from their producers. Fabrics made in Africa are 100% cotton and very qualitative. However, there is a tendency of other continents to copy the African fabrics and confuse buyers. With these, you will find a Fabric with a sticker MADE AS NIGERIA instead of MADE IN NIGERIA. If you are looking for a fabric made in Nigeria, then it should have been made in Nigeria not as Nigeria or For Nigeria. 

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