What are the Top Five African Fashion dresses to wear in 2022

Designer African fashion styles are greatly sought after by Africans across borders and continents, due to the simplicity, utility, style, and elegance associated with them.

African women love to wear African fashions made with the vibrant colors of Kitenge fabrics, a material used to make African clothing. Kitenge to them is not just fabric, but it shows the power of embracing cultural heritage. Kitenge has become a trending piece in making African fashion styles.

In this article, we highlight the top 5 African fashion designs for ladies

The Kikoyi  Dress

The Kikoyi is considered an official African fabric related to  Ugandans. It’s a cotton fabric that comes in various colors but what makes it Ugandan is its vibrant colors of yellow and red.  If you would like to be identified as a Ugandan, then the Kikoyi fashion is a must-buy.  This African fabric can be used to make various African fashion wears blended with different materials outsourced globally.

This kikoyi satin dress is a beautiful, luxurious dress that you can wear on a special occasion. It is made of satin and has a unique pattern of kikoyi that makes it a little bit different from the other satin dresses. It’s elegant, it’s perfect for a wedding or any other formal event, and it looks amazing on your body. You should definitely consider buying one for yourself.

Kikoyi Dress
Model: Mary Kakensa wearing Kikoyi- satin dress

Ankara Maxi dress

The Ankara Maxi dresses come in different African fashion styles and designs and are perfect evening gowns, especially if you’re looking for a way to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. The dress is flawless with varied features as an off-shoulder neckline and long sleeves.

The style of the dress makes it look like it has a different pattern on each side, but it’s actually just one pattern.It is very versatile and can be worn according to your taste and preferences either at parties, or traditional African marriages.

20220716 DSC 3379 scaled
Model;Victoriah Leah Nabacwa rocking a maxi dress on the runway

Off shoulder kitenge dress

The chic off-shoulder African fashion kitenge dress is the perfect choice for summer and ideal for night outs. This dress is sleek and sexy. The off-shoulder dress can be paired with a simple necklace and a pair of heels. Pair this dress with a classic clutch to complete the look. It is a delicate, flawless piece of clothing that offers a chic look with a touch of class. You can find these dresses online and in our collection.

Kitenge offsoulder dress
Model Viviane Nakyoole rocking a ka mini offshoulder kitenge dress on the runway

Kitenge overlap dress

The African fashion  Overlap Dress made of kitenge is a very trendy dress. This dress is made of a cotton blend and has a light green V-neckline. It is perfect for both casual and official looks. This dress is a must-have for those who want to feel like royalty in the most simple of ways. The Kitenge Overlap Dress can be purchased from here.

Kitenge overlap dress
Model Victoria Leah Nabacwa rocking Kitenge overlap dress on a runway

Free size kitenge  Dress

The free-size Kitenge dress is a great option for any woman looking for a comfortable, stylish dress that is perfect for day or night.  It can be won by expectant mothers or stylish women whose goal is o walk around freely.

The dress is made from soft cotton and features a round neckline. The African fabric is lightweight and comfortable. The casual Kitenge dress is available in varied colors and patterns and is a great way to show off your personal style.

freesize dress enhanced with a belt
Model Shab rocking the freesize dress enhanced with a belt


In conclusion, African fashion is a mix of tribal, traditional, and modern elements and is different from western designs because they typically have more natural patterns and less embellishment. African women have a unique sense of style and this is reflected in their clothing. African fashion styles are a great way to highlight the love for heritage.

In this article, all the models are Ugandan and the fashions are made by our women and youth artisans in Uganda. You can check out our creatives here and purchase these fashions in our shop 



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